Rules to live by – part 1

This is the first part of two, about my experiments on how to get a good foundation to a healthy life. I have read lots of articles about life and lifestyle in general and made a long list based on those about habits of successful people. And from that list I have chosen a few of them and written them down here. This list will probably be updated in the future, and when I feel satisfied, making a compilation of the best of them and put them on a page here on the site instead. Just mentioning that this list is initially meant for my own life, so not all of those suggestions here can be applied on everyones life, depending on your work situation.
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60 tips for a stunningly great life

I have linked to this list before on my earlier blog but I just discovered it again and felt it was appropriate to bring this up now, with a new year and all.
Robin Sharma is a really inspiring life coach and if you haven’t read his book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” it’s definitely worth a read.
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